Growin’ Up : A blog about life after Smith by Lauren Kaelin ’10 : Commuting

September 23, 2010

NPR\’s Revealing, Reveling In Einstein\’s Relativity

I’ve started a job freelancing as a production and styling assistant at a photo studio in SoHo. Today concludes my first full work week.

I have to be at the train station in NJ at 6:50. I’ll get into Penn Station around 7am, take the CE downtown, and I’ll get to work by 8:10.

I just got to work. I have 10 minutes before everyone else gets here.

I spend over 3 hours every day in transit. I don’t know how people do it for years, day after day. Our family friend, before she retired, used to drive 2 hours to work every day. At least on the train I can sleep. Do the crossword. Stare aimlessly for an hour at the passing Meadowlands. You kind of go into a daze.

Today I was listening to that NPR broadcast on the train. About how time is not a constant. It can slow, or something like that.

I feel like time goes slower on the train.


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