Growin’ Up : A blog about life after Smith by Lauren Kaelin ’10 : Mountain Day

September 29, 2010

Mountain Day– a favorite holiday of any Smithie is unfortunately, not a national holiday.

Life after Smith means no Mountain Day. But still, we celebrate.

I came downstairs ringing a bell, proclaiming “MOUNTAIN DAY MOUNTAIN DAY!” Maybe doing a little celebratory jig. Next year I’ll make mimosas.

Last year on Mountain Day my house went to Sylvester’s and I had a few mimosas and a Pete’s Wicked Omelet. After some midday naps, Jackie, Margaret and I drove to Mt. Holyoke at around 6pm. Jackie took the above photo, we communed with nature a bit and then tried to drive back down the mountain. The gate, however, was locked. We had to call the police to let us out.

This year on Mountain Day I got an internship, wrote a cover letter, and bought new shoes.


2 Responses to “Growin’ Up : A blog about life after Smith by Lauren Kaelin ’10 : Mountain Day”

  1. Katie said

    I went to brunch yesterday pretending that it was Sylvester’s. Then we took the two Smith students to a Cider mill for fresh cider and doughnuts, there were 5 Smithies there all together with the Students and Staff.

    I wanted a mimosa, but apparently that would be socially unacceptable – to drink before work.

    I miss Smith.

  2. Sophia Dean said

    Lovin’ the blog Lauren.
    I celebrated Mountain Day by riding some horses, walking dogs, and then watching a marathon of Mad Men.
    I was feeling really nostalgic for the Pioneer Valley, especially because all the women in Mad Men attended the Seven Sistahs.

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