Growin’ Up – A blog about life after Smith by Lauren Kaelin ’10 : Venus in Retrograde

October 28, 2010

Earlier this week I met a mutual friend named Tess in a local New Jersey watering hole. (The above painting hangs on this bar’s wall- “McMillan’s Dream” I think it’s called.) Tess and I talked about our signs. November is my birthday month and Venus is in retrograde so things have been going crazy; I was eager to vent. Tess got excited when I guessed she was a Libra and turned toward me, “do you know about your other signs?” …No, I confessed. I didn’t. Apparently Scorpio is only my EGO sign and I’ve got a whole bunch of other stuff to worry about– EMOTIONAL signs and whatnot. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Tess had just graduated from Wesleyan in May and was feeling a bit lost. She said she was eager to step into “other people’s realities” rather than confront her own. That’s why she was in Montclair– prolonging the inevitable and enjoying some $2 PBR.

Tess had just left a friend’s barn, an unsuccessful jaunt at an “artist’s colony” of sorts, and was going to go back home and lick her wounds. She was disappointed the barn situation hadn’t worked out. She had brought posters, things to hang on the wall, she had tried to make it her new home and she admitted that she felt defeated to pack things up so early.

The migration of the twenty-somethings, a coming of age story.

You know, I have no idea if I’ll ever see Tess again, but we connected over a shared feeling of transitory uneasiness– both a desire to settle, but an impulse to do anything but. And that kind of commonality is comforting.



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