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November 7, 2010

I’ve been doing this 9-5 thing for a few months now.

Sometimes it feels a little too conventional– all takin’ and no givin’. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of social networks, texts from last night, and of course, my mother– my friend Sophia (UVM ’10) and I have decided on a business venture of sorts.


Have you ever received a text with too many abbreviations to decipher?

Or one signed “love, Dad”?

Or been texted a funeral announcement?

When you get a text from your parents do you have to guess what they were trying to say? Their valuable parental wisdom lost in translation?

Do you have a relationship with your parents that has been complicated by T-9 and large thumbs?

We would like to celebrate that.

This website is dedicated to the trials and errors that come when a parent handles a cellphone.

Here is a sample from the website– a conversation between me and my mom.

Mom: Tacos or meat loaf for dinner?

Daughter: Tacos

Mom: Bring your appetite. When will you be home?

Mom: Eta?

Mom: ???

Daughter: Can you pick me up at 6:45? My phone is going to die.

Mom: Walnut St?

Daughter: Yes

Mom: How many tacos?

Daughter: Might be more like 7.

Mom: Tacos?

Daughter: No, my train gets in then.

Daughter: Tacos? 2?

Mom: How many tacos?

Daughter: Mom, chill with the tacos.

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

To submit your own texts from your parents, please e-mail

Tweet, text, repost– spread the word.



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