Growin’ Up – A blog about life about Smith by Lauren Kaelin ’10 : Economic Sacrifices

November 22, 2010

This past Saturday my friend Margaret ’10 and I were enjoying cups of coffee and orange juice in her Brooklyn apartment. Margaret and I lived together over the summer– did some communal grocery shopping. We frequently got into debates in the toothpaste aisle over whether the $2 that separated CREST from the generic “America” brand really made THAT much of a difference in plaque-fighting, tartar control.

My friends from home used to call me Lauren Discount Kaelin, and I’ll admit, I was often arguing for the generic American Pride toothpaste, convinced I was being a wise consumer.

Margaret, in her new Brooklyn apartment, however, has chosen certain luxuries well.

The benefits of buying name brand orange juice, outweigh the dollar difference of “From Concentrate’s” watery pulp-less aftertaste.


What other purchases is it worth it to splurge on?

Orange Juice

Coffee–Chock Full of Whatever tastes like ash.

Toilet paper. Smith College does not splurge on toilet paper.

Alcohol, glass never plastic.



My advice? Save money on socks, and then spend it on orange juice.



One Response to “Growin’ Up – A blog about life about Smith by Lauren Kaelin ’10 : Economic Sacrifices”

  1. As far as coffee goes, I vote for buying cheap espresso (my favorite is Cafe La Llave) and then brewing it in a regular drip coffee maker. You get the bold flavor of a Bigbucks brew for less than half the price!

    Kim Taylor Kruse ’97

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