Internet Adulthood

March 12, 2011

My first screen name was something like pigaboo13. Is that embarrassing to admit? Whatever, I was 11 and signing onto AOL sounded like a spaceship landing. Pigaboo13 was followed by some inane band reference. And then I finally settled, around seventh grade, on sueratda. My password, I decided, would be my crush’s name because THAT was SO secret. And I never thought to change it.

A few months ago I was freelancing as a Production Assistant and was asked to sign into my AIM account. They used it to communicate throughout the office. Oh god, I thought. I can’t even remember the time I had to do this: the 4 letters of my 7th grade crush’s name. More embarrassing was that I had to say it aloud to my supervisor when she was setting up my computer. I should have changed that.

When I got accepted to college, I was assigned my big girl email address. LKAELIN. Soon after it just started making sense to use your name to identify you; to ditch the numbered initials or not-so-subtle references because it was more professional.

This internet adulthood, all this professionalism, it’s kinda boring. Part of me wishes I was still writing emails to acronyms and ridiculous nicknames: bigsis132. OriginalScarlet. That your resume was judged by how clever your email address was. It’d certainly make office communication a lot more interesting.


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